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Postpaid Affordable 1.5GB

Postpaid Affordable 1.5GB


Phone plan's details
- Phone plan: 5,500won (10% tax added) per month for 1.5GB of 4G data + 100 mins of calls + 100 SMS

- This package does not support public wifi and hotspot


Fees of signing up

- First-time registration fee: 7200w (divided into 3 parts, you will be charged 2400w each time within first 3 months after registration)
- SIM card fee: 6600w (taken in one-time payment in the first month after registration)

Requirements for sign-up

- A physical ARC (those that are during issuance or extension are not accepted)

- A bank account under the same name with ARC

- You need to use it for at least 6 months before cancelling the number or changing the plan

  • Other details

    - This package does not include internation calls. If you make or receive them, international calls will be charged separately from monthly charge.

    - Using more data/calls/SMS than given amounts will result in a separate charge. The charges are 22,000won/1GB of data, 120 won/ 1 minute of call and 22 won/1 SMS of overusing

    - You can only change to another plan from the same network carrier within the month of registration.

    - Cancelling the number or changing to another network carrier before 6 months might result in a penalty. If you only leave Korea for less than 6 months, please contact us to suspend (pause) your number when you are away.

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