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Q. Is it possible to order a SIM card before I arrive in Korea?

A. You can place an order in advance of your arrival in Korea. However, the sim card can only be activated after you arrive as your information has to be verified in the immigration system. We can note down your order and your arrival date & time and process once you get here.

Q. Is it possible to order a SIM card even I'm still in quarantine?

A. Sure, you can! Even though you are new to Korea and still in quarantine, you can order a sim card online and get it delivered to your apartment/room door!​

Q. I'm new to Korea, and have not got my Alien Registration Card, how can I get a SIM card?

A. Our prepaid packages are the best options for new comers. They only require a picture of your passport to register. 

Q. Which delivery services do you have?

A. We offer free delivery service and it normally arrives next day (weekends and holidays excluded).

You can also choose express delivery service, which arrives within 1 hour and costs 4000 won. 

Airport pick-up service is also available if you place your order at least 10 days prior to the arrival date)

Q. How can I order a SIM card?

A. To order, you can contact us on Facebook, Instagram or order directly via this website.

Our Facebook: Woori Mobile Service in Korea

Our Instagram: woorimobile_eng

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