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Data SIM 5 days

Data SIM 5 days


- This sim card provides UNLIMITED DATA services for 5 days.

- The service lasts for 5 calendar days including the day you insert the SIM card. Even if you insert the SIM card at 11PM, it will still be counted as one day. 

- The SIM card will be activated immediately when you insert it and restart your phone. 

- After the check out, you will receive an email  to submit your passport. Please follow the instruction and reply to the mail to complete your order.

- If you request airport pickup service, the order is non-refundable after 3PM of the previous day of the pickup date.

- Locked phones won't be able to use the sim card. Please check if your phone is locked or under any contract with the provider in your home country.

  • Other details

    - Unlimited data: The plan includes 300MB of 4G at first, then unlimited data at 3MB/s - fast enough to cover social media and video watching. 

    - Wifi tethering/hotspot is availble.

    - The plan does not include calls and SMS. Emergency calls (112, 119,.. etc)  is available. 

    - It is impossible to extend/recharge the service.