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Customer feedback


Extraordinary service!! Recommended for foreign who lives in Korea to get the best value for money of Mobile-SIM card!!


I called for help on 12/22 at 730pm and the representative was very rude and hung up the phone on me and turned off their phone 😭 I need help with my phone!


Thank you for working on me and your generous services.



i have changed my simcard plan to 14,300.


i shall wait on monday for sim card activation


Perfect. They reacting fastly with kindness and try to find some solution in front of a problem. Really nice hasty to receive my SIM card:)


javob qaytarishmayapti umuman. yana qopol


Thank you so much for your prompt and helpful response. satisfied with your services

Altantuya Maral-Och

Quick customer service


Quick customer service with affordable prices


I like how they reply fast to texts and how fast things work

Dr Narendhar Chandrasekar

Woori is giving flexible and affordable plans to new users. I find the subway WiFi access very useful. They had even provided a complementary Power bank with the new SIM card. Thank you Woori.

Aadil Bathla

I really liked the smooth process of getting the sim card. Recommended to all. I hope they provide e-sim soon.


Hi there

Can I get 4 x postpaid simcards for my family? We all have ARC but I'm the only one working and with an Korean bank account.

Thank you.

Swati Verma

Best telecome service in seoul. I have a great experience of using woorimobile service.

Swati verma

Best telecom service in seoul. I have a great experience of using woorimobile.


The service of Woori Mobile is


The service is in English and they are very responsive on Instagram. I recommend!

Marianne S.

They respond so fast and in English. Thank God!

Karolina O.

Recommend for everyone coming to Korea, it's my second time using it Sim Card from Woori Mobile and never have any problem, the staff is also super helpful every time ! And price is really good for the service !


Quick customer service with affordable prices for each plan. Highly recommend if you are a foreigner.


Great customer service! I have been using this service for 3 months and it's been very easy. I really appreciate instant assistance on Facebook Messenger. I am continuing my service for another 6 months minimum.


Woori was really quick with their response and provided me with all the information that I needed to switch phone plans!


I needed a sim because my old one got expired meanwhile I was abroad. In the office the were many people speaking different languages . One of he staff kindly helped me and introduced me to all the plans and procedures in English. The data plan are very affordable and practical. Totally recommend !


it's very easy to get a sim card that's why i love woorimobile and very kind.


친구 추전으로 사용하기로 했지만 생각보다 좋은 것같씁니다. 택배로 생각보다 빨리 보내기도 합니다

Gerald Vergara


The staff were very friendly and were able to quickly help me get the plan that I wanted. Thank you so much~

Sitt Gone Yee

Good customer service and fair prices


Service is very good . Quickly respond to massages. Everything was explained in detail and politely.

Leticia Carlos

Very fast and good clien service!

Jonathan Lee

I thought the service was great. Staff was quick to respond and the information provided were all accurateand easy to understand. Process was fast and they even offered delivery services.


Woorimobile customer service is very supportive, and the mobile services are very cheap.

Ajit Katiyar

Nice service with resonable price.

Morteza Khoshvaght-Aliabadi


I want a postpaid affordable 1.5 GB one.

Please let me know how can apply for it?




It's the third time for me using your services and I know it's not gonna be the last time. You are always really welcoming and explain things in details. Also, having someone who speaks English feels very reassurin. Thank you again!

Fanny Virecoulon

The best, thank you for helping me! 💕

Fanny Virecoulon

The best! Thank you for helping me!


This service has been very helpful in providing me with wifi service and a phone plan! Definitely recommend it :)


Very responsive on all available communication channels and all in English! Plans are reasonably priced also :)


They have affordable and reliable payment plans for everyone. The service and great and user experience is good. I'm happy changing to their phone plans.


Woori Mobile has been extremely helpful in helping me switch to a more affordable phone plan. Their English service is excellent, very foreigner friendly 👍👍



Woori Mobile has been extremely helpful, professional and very convenient. They attended to all my queries very fast and I had no issues with them at all. Definitely a great service I wish was available many years ago when I first came to Korea

Young Jo

They are friendly and responsive. The service itself is affordable and easy to set up.

Young Jo

They are responsive and friendly. The service is easy and affordable as well.


They are always very kind and do thir best to help. It is a quick visit and I feel very satisfied that all my needs were met :)


The customer service is great and overall the SIM registration process are smooth.


This service is amazing! They are great at getting you the correct information and work well with you to get you the phone plan that you need! I would highly recommend this company to any other foreigners who are staying in Korea and are looking for either a prepaid or post paid plan! They are great at replying online and the sim card works perfect and arrives quickly!

Emmel Lara

Very fast and helpful. I was able to keep my old number from my old contract. The procedure was easy and they have English speaking staff~^^

Also very cheap!!

Majdi Klouz

Friendly, helpful and quick to reply customer service, unbeatable fees and fast shipping.

Great offer!

Mazhar Ali

It's offer cheap plans in South Korea and best one in the town for students


Woori Mobile is extremely fast at replying and provides efficient and easy to use service. This is my second time using their service.

Mehrun Nisha Khanam

Woori Mobile provides excellent service. They delivered a sim card in 1 day. The staff is supportive and fluent in English. They have a variety of prepaid and postpaid plans depending upon your need. Highly recommended for foreigners.


Woori mobile service helped me a lot with the pre paid sim card. They delivered sim card in one day to Busan.

Audrey Deslauriers

Both time i went there i met the same woman. She always greeted me well and was super helpful and fast ! Also really kind and funny ! Thank you for everything and i hope you enjoy your boba !

Navneet kumar

Woori mobile services are very good. They provide very good response on customer support also.


I believe this postpaid service (woori mobile service) is very reasonable and affordable (terms and fees), with many interesting package/promotion.

Berhe Redae N.

The service looks great of online service providing. However, I am waiting for your delivery of the sim card.

Thank you for the service you are providing.



They reply really quickly to messages and are really helpful. The plans seem affordable too!

Pviter singh sandhar

The service was was excellent. The staff was very polite and accommodating. Would highly recommend their services to anyone. Good prices.

Abbasli Abbas

Love it.


Abbas Abbasli

Love it.

Patrick Slattery

Super good


I think they did a great job in helping me and showing me exactly what plans they have to offer, they are also fluent in English which made the process 100% better. I would recommend using them.


This location have english speakers that helps foreigner(s) like me who knows little Korean Language. Thank you! :)


super easy service to use! Very quick for opening a line, at great price ;) it made my life in Korea much more easier these first 2 months! (Plus the staff is really nice and speaking perfect English so everything is crystal clear )


I was recommended to use Woori mobile by my expat friend who lived in Korea for 5 years. They have reasonable prices . 💜


I like your friendly service and fast repliesI like your friendly service and fast replies


Good service for foreigners with help in English. Very fast replies also.


Great service, always very kind and helpful and my phone has worked great!

Kim Anastasiia

Hello, My name is Kim Anastasiia.

I sincerely want to thank the worker who helped me a lot. The service is very fast ans the stuff is very kind.

Callam Hele

They always respond very fast and are helpful. I have never had any problems with their mobile service or internet.


일단 난 사용하지 않아서 이 서비스가 좋은지 아닌지 확실히 모르겠지만 가격은 좋아보여요. 친구가 초대해서 사용해보려고 해요. 그리고 영어로 문의과 신청할 수 있어서 외국인에게도 편해요.

Ahmed Anoosh

I really like the packages they are offering here. The pacakges are value for price.


Good service, friendly staff, and easy to communicate as they speak English.

Gaurav Bartwal

I highly recommend Woorimobile for its prompt and efficient service. They have been quite supportive throghout the entire process. Being a student, I had a ton of questions and they were thoroughly responsive. Moreover, all the conversation was in english so everthing went perfectly. Woorimobile also feature a vast selection of deals at reasonable prices, allowing you to swiftly select one that meets your needs. Kudos to Woorimobile. Much obliged.

Abdissa Sura Habtamu

I have been using another sim service before, which is little bit expensive for me. But, woori provide us a service with a wide range and I can choose the one I can afford. Thanks to Woorimobile!


Great service with reasonable pricing . Being a student , this helps a lot


Really efficient and easy to set up~ would recommend!

Jessica Pybus

Excellent service. Very responsive. Provide great support for any questions or concerns.

Logan Arendse

Great service. I've gotten a prepaid and postpaid plan with Woori. They offer quick and helpful support in English. My sim card was delivered the next day and I haven't had any issues with it. I highly recommend them.


I like your servis and fast answers 🥺 my friend recommended to write their and it was so good recommendation! Thank u

Abbasi Zunira

They have a very good packages and good customers service with foreigners friendly environment.

Kensington Farrell

Worri Mobile has been the easiest option for me living in a foreign country where I don't know the language. They respond so quickly and make everything so easy. Thank you Woori mobile. 10/10 definitely recommend.


Great customer service and response time! It's really convenient for foreigners because it's all in English. There are also a variety of plans to choose from to fit your specific needs.

Rizwan Muhammad

Affordable packages and supportive staff

Tarryn Gray

The entire experience with Woorimobile has been fantastic and hassle free. I would highly recommend them.

Brandon Garcia

Woori Mobile Service is fast and easy to use. A friend of mine who recommended the service was telling me about it, and I couldn't believe how simple and easy it was. I am new to Korea so having a phone number and working sim card is very important. I'm sure I will be very pleased with the new SIM card and service.

Absar Mazhar

I am very happy with the service Woori mobile is providing and my satisfaction is shown in way that i have ordered all my family connections from them. Highly recommended for the best and affordable services.

Nooraldeen Al-Yemeni

No woories or hassle, this is the best phone service for foreigners in Korea.

Navaj Bapuso Mullani

Friendly service and behavior with customers! Best service and very useful, easy for all foreigners who speak in English and Korean as well!


It is a good service and good prices.


Customer service was super nice, helpful and super convenient to speak with! The plans were also really affordable and various so I could choose according to my needs. I think this might be the most affordable mobile carrier service I've ever known in Korea! Thank you Woori Mobile!☺️☺️


Been using Woori mobile since I come to korea, never had any problems. If there should be any problem the service will help you as best as they can. The service is in on the top


I like the service and people who work there. They have fast replying feedback service and language support. I recommend Woori Mobile!

Maya Taylor

Woori Mobile Sinchon branch has been so helpful to me in figuring out a phone plan for Korea. They are so kind and make sure to answer all of your question. They also take their time to explain all the options and what would be best for your situation. I have always felt welcomed when I have visited and they go above and beyond for their customers.

Shoaib Mehboob

I found the woori mobile service very helpful in choosing my plan. The communication in English is very helpful in Korea. The replied on facebook message within reasonable time. One of my friend recommended this service to me for purchase of new number and plan.



Service was great! The whole process was really fuss-free and easy, would highly recommend!


Im really greatfull that I've found a service like this in korea, the prices are really good and the staff speak English so it can be a lot easier for people that don't know korean 😊


Woori mobile est un très bon service pour les cartes prépayées ou les forfaits de téléphones classsiques. Le rapport qualité prix est très bon et le personnel est très sympathique et parle anglais.

je recommande !!

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